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Dear DxChain Community,

Thank you all for the continuous support and attention, we will delve into technology as always.

1. The frequency of code updating on Github is quite low. What’s the reason?

At present, DxChain's technical architecture is still in a high rapid of iteration. We are continuously testing and optimizing the consensus algorithms for better security and performance. Since some parts of the code are not ready for open source, the progress of the project development cannot be reflected on the Github now.

2. How to solve the transparency problem of code updates?

DxChain is a determined supporter of the open source community. We will gradually release the well-tested core code in the near future, and enable more technology enthusiasts and investors to understand DxChain's technological innovation as well as attract more talented developers to join the DxChain network and ecosystem.

Since founded in April last year, the DxChain’ core R&D team has been focusing on the chain development and storage related Dapps, and released two versions of Testnet, SDK and various application products. We are confident that we are able to get the trust and support from the community.

3. I saw your photo at Harmony’s party. Will there be a potential partnership with Harmony?

I will say it’s very likely. Harmony has done a terrific IEO with Binance Launchpad recently, we are honored to be invited to join their celebration last week. And I believe a partnership between DxChain and Harmony would be mutually beneficial to both of the projects. So we are looking forward to the partnership with them.

4. The total DX token supply is high and distributed unevenly, how do you think?

We thoroughly considered the applicability of DX token as a utility token in the future construction and development of DxChain ecosystem. According to the distribution plan, total tokens for sell account for 25% of the total DX supply, 10% of the total supply is distributed to the foundation, core team, marketing and business development. Those tokens are mainly used for the operation and rapid development of the project.

The remaining 45% of the tokens will be used to promote DxChain ecosystem construction and development, including economic incentives for miners, storage nodes, verification nodes, etc.

At present, we haven't received any doubts from investors or communities about the distribution of DX token.

5. Will there be any improvement on the token metrics?

We haven’t got a plan by now. But if there is such a need in the future, we will consider and respect the opinions of the community and we will think about the token buyback/burn program to ensure the stability of the entire ecosystem.

6. How’s the Community Ambassador Program going? When can we know the results?

We are now reviewing the applications of all applicants one by one to find out the most qualified ambassadors for DxChain Community. Thanks to all community supporters, we will announce the result for the first phase recruitment as soon as possible.

The application is still opening! Welcome to apply:


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