DxChain AMA highlight (03/13/2019)

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Dear DxChain supporters,

Thank you all for the questions raised, DxChain Team is very much appreciated and willing to answer each of them. Always keep thinking and moving forward.

Here’s the AMA highlight:

1. How can I become a node on DxChain?

I have answered this question in previous AMA: there is no special requirement to run a DxChain node. We would like to involve as many people as possible to join in the decentralized world and the DxChain community. So any general computer with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X would be a node to run DxChain after our Mainnet launch.

And some of the recommendations would help you to get advantages during mining: longer online time, faster Internet connection speed, fast disk speed, large disk storage.

2. What about running DxChain nodes on the iPhone? For example in a “DX wallet”? Like vChainThor does?

As planned, we are working on and will firstly release the miner portals for Linux, Windows and Mac. And we will consider developing mobile versions of DxBox and DxWallet in the future. Thank you for your suggestion.

3. What’s the use of DX?

After DxChain Mainnet release this year, we will provide a high performance, reliable blockchain based storage platform to our community, including developers and end users community.

  1. The developers can build dapps on DxChain platform, while end users of the dapps will need to buy or hold tokens for their services.
  2. The DxChain storage miners need to deposit money to providers
  3. Also, DxChain would be a trusted data exchange platform, and users who would like to buy or sell their data will also need DxChain tokens.
  4. Furthermore, we will also expand other scenarios of DX, such as smart medical, IoT, etc., to make DX a practical utility token for more people.

4. How is the cooperation with QuarkChain going? Is it smoothly?

Yes, it is. DxChain and Quarkchain have been strategic partners since July last year and have been working closely on technology development and product operations. In the future, we will further explore the opportunities for cooperation in technology application and business with each other.

5. I heard you are going to list on a new exchange. Is it true?

We cannot disclose details about the new exchange now.
But, yes, we are planning to add one more exchange with good liquidity very soon. Stay tuned!

6. Any new activities in the near future?

Sure! We will have several new bounties and activities for our community this month!
Details will be published soon.
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About DxChain
DxChain is the world’s first decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain. DxChain is a public chain, it designs a revolutionary “Chains-on-chain” architecture to make blockchain function as a computing unit — data storage and computing, so that the technical characteristics of blockchain can be truly extended to a broader field, promoting the next generation of technology from the bottom. For more information, please visit www.dxchain.com.
Telegram: https://t.me/dxchain
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