[08/16/2018] DxChain Telegram AMA Summary

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Dear DxChain Community Members,

Yesterday 08/16, we held our bi-weekly AMA in our own telegram group (https://t.me/dxchain). Please check the history here if you missed out: https://t.me/dxchain/144106


Influenced by the price fluctuations of the whole cryptocurrency market, the price of DX fluctuated as well. We would like to let our community know that DxChain Team never have had, and will never “dump and pump”, and we are not supposed to engage in the secondary market at any time.

We will work hard on the product development and increase the brand recognition by developing business partners and running marketing campaigns. It’s not easy for any project to survive in a bear market like this. However, we are very confident in our research and development ability, and we will release more good news gradually.

Thanks again for all your support!

[Highlights of the AMA]

Tech Part

Q1. How will DxChain transform the fundamental meaning of the internet?
A: Today’s popular consensus-based protocol still uses a huge amount of computational power to maintain the blockchain itself, and cannot provide useful work for the community. That is to say, blockchain did not fundamentally change the way people are using the internet.

DxChain designs a platform to solve computation of big data in a decentralized environment. People can use DxChain as a data market to trade data, and create applications on DxChain to meet various needs, including business operation and businesses intelligence.

Therefore, by applying blockchain to data storage and computation, DxChain will change the fundamental meaning of the internet.

Q2. Can I mine DX now? When the real utility of coin will start?
A: At this moment, DX as an ERC20 token is not mineable, but it will be possible to mine DX in the future when the DxChain mainnet is launched. The mining mechanism will be designed according to the grade of difficulty and cost of data storage and computing, to protect the miner’s rights and benefits.

Q3: In comparison between DxChain and QuarkChain, we know that DX has a stronger community and storage/computing power, whereas Quark has higher TPS. As regards to TPS, will you be using DxChain TPS collaboration with QuarkChain’s High TPS or will you entirely use QuarkChain's only?
A: DxChain team often discuss the technical problems with other teams, like QuarkChain. We will use our own method to increase TPS, but will get inspiration from other good projects, including QuarkChain team.

Q4: In the near future as DxChain services grow substantially, such that you require much higher TPS than what QuarkChain could be offering at that point, so in order to satisfy your market demand, would you terminate your partnership with QuarkChain and look to partner with a project that could be offering much higher TPS to satisfy the demand?
A: Our partnership with QuarkChain is NOT like we are going to use their technology without any modifications. These two teams are discussing technical problems very often.

Q5. Is the role of future miners as a provider of storage and big data computing? Do we have big data computing or we just storage big data?
A: A miner could 1) just provide storage, 2) just provide computing, 3) both storage and computing.

Marketing Part

Q1. How to claim airdrop tokens? How many tokens are used for airdrop and bounties?
A: Within 30 days after our token issuance, you will be able to redeem the airdrop points (10 points = 1 token). The projected date is around the end of August and early September.

Total airdrop DX: 33,583,450 (0.03%)
The total amount of DX for airdrop and bounties will be controlled below 0.5% of the total of marketing tokens. (0.5% of the Marketing DX = 0.5% * 10% * Total DX Supply = 50,000,000)

Q2. Where is your team based? Do you have enough engineers for the development?
A: The DxChain foundation is registered in Singapore and we have team members in Singapore, US and Mainland China. The core engineering team is in Silicon Valley.

Please find this short video about the DxChain's office in Silicon Valley:

Now we have 9 engineers, including 7 fulltime engineers, and 2 blockchain researchers who join our development meetings and seminars weekly. And we are planning to recruit 4-5 engineers within this year.

Q3. Why didn't you lock the smart contract during the ICO?
A: Before ICO, we released our one-pager, which indicated clearly that there was no lockup for public sale tokens. We know many projects choose to lock all the tokens before listing, so as to create a lot of pressure on the market and increase the price and hype. However, we think it’s not a good strategy in the bear market. Since the circulating supply is not that large, we only locked the tokens holding by institutional investors.

Q4. To sum up the whole thing, would you please tell me in 1-2 sentences, why should I invest in your project?
A: DxChain is a public chain, aims to design a platform to solve computation of big data in a decentralized environment. Solving storage and computation is the future of the blockchain world. Comparing with other projects, filecoin and dfinity, our valuation is still very low. This is a good time for the investment.

With regards to DxChain: A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.
Website: https://www.dxchain.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/dxchain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DxChainNetwork
Medium: https://medium.com/dxchainglobal

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