[07/23/2018] AMA with DxChain’s Partners Summary

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Dear DxChain Community Members,

During July 17th - 23rd, three DxChain AMA (ask me anything) sessions were held on QuarkChain, Coin-super and Bgogo Telegram groups respectively.

Thanks to our partners and supporters for helping us complete these AMAs! We had heated discussions about DxChain and let more people have a deeper understanding of our technological innovations.

[AMA Awards Winners]

We selected 4 users who asked the most valuable questions to win 10,000 community points: @ D Brah, @ Jaime T P, @ Jack Ma, @ erjian88

And we randomly selected 16 AMA participants for 5,000 community points. These lucky users are listed as follow:
@ Tạng Ten, @ Cooper, @ Jay L, @ FAN, @ Fu Congchungfu, @ Thalia Sandro, @ Slh090, @ me din de ra, @ Kunka Dota, @ Wen Steven, @ Ebru, @ Trump Donald, @ Reyhi, @ Yannick Torres, @ nitee, @ Fercho Effect.AI 4TheWin!



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[Highlights of the AMA]

  1. May I ask why should we use DxChain?
    Blockchain has many important and innovative characteristics, such as decentralization and immutability. But there are only a few real applications: financial transactions and tracking assets in a supply chain...
    Unfortunately, there are no existing solutions in the market to provide a decentralized parallel-computing environment that supports big data and machine learning.
    DxChain incorporates Hadoop with blockchain to fill this gap.
    DxChain is envisaged as a comprehensive platform that provides data storage, data exchange and big data computation for the data in the system.

  2. What’s the difference between DxChain technology with other blockchain technology?
    A big problem of current blockchain technology is wasting lots of useless power. DxChain uses proof of useful work, such as Proof of space over time and Provable Data Computation to save the unnecessary work.
    For example, we use Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy something and use hyperledger fabric to trace the flow of a product. But blockchain did not fundamentally change the way we are using the internet.
    If we apply blockchain to data storage and computation, it will change the fundamental meaning of the internet.
    And DxChain is designed to solve the problems of data computation and storage: with the chains-on-chain architecture, DxChain can write each transaction, i.e., storage and computation requirements, on its side chains. The master chain runs smart contract to control two sides chains executing computational tasks and data storage. As long as side chains take over the subdivided storage and computational tasks, DxChain can ensure the performance of the master chain.

  3. You mentioned the chains-on-chain structure, what is that?
    DxChain creates a revolutionary three-chain structure - “chains-on-chain” architecture
    there is a master chain with 2 side-chains, one is data side-chain, another is computing side-chain.

  4. What’s your public sale plan?
    The projected date for our ICO is at the end of July to early August.
    We are running the KYC now. And the KYC will end on 7/27, it will be this Friday.

  5. Why I fail the KYC? Can I join the whitelist task?
    Due to the increasingly strict regulation, our KYC service provider has decided that you cannot pass our KYC review. Please stay tuned to our bounty programs in the future to get DX token, and we will let you know once we are listed on exchanges.

With regards to DxChain:
A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.
Website: https://www.dxchain.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/dxchain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DxChainNetwork

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