dWeb Launch Update (09-12-19)

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I wanted to keep the community updated on our launch progress, as it pertains to the dWeb network. We announced a few weeks ago that dWeb would launch on September 11th, 2019. While we worked hard to make this happen, we barely missed it. The network's core networking systems are now live, which means the dWeb is truly live. There is more work to do though but we're working around the clock to make it happen.

Below are a few updates, surrounding the launch of other dWeb-based components, dApps and websites:

Revelation/Bootstrap Servers Are Live!

Yesterday, we were able to successfully launch our revelation servers:

  • revelation1.dwebs
  • revelation2.dwebs
  • revelation3.dwebs
  • revelation4.dwebs
  • revelation5.dwebs

as well as our "Bootstrap" (DHT) servers:

  • bootstrap1.dwebs
  • bootstrap2.dwebs

This is the core foundation of the dWeb that will give the network the necessary footing to fully decentralized amongst dWeb's peers over the next few weeks.

dBrowser dApp / dBrowser Website

dBrowser is ready and has been tested for public usage, although, we won't be releasing it publicly for a few weeks as we finalize the dBrowser website. Some of you already have dBrowser's latest versions (1.75 and 2.0) and if so, can begin using them. For those who are super anxious to use dBrowser, can download the old version (1.0) via GitHub here: https://github.com/dbrowser/dbrowser/ under "releases". Although, version 2.0 has many improvements and will be released in the coming weeks, along with the dBrowser website.

dWeb Website

The dWeb website is nearing completion, although, there are a few websites that won't be launching for a few weeks that include dBrowser, dDNS, dPress, dStatus and others. Starting tomorrow, the dWeb website should be accessible through dBrowser at: dweb://dwebs.io. I will have a separate announcement for when the dWeb website goes live over the next day or so (we're working through a few issues).

dWeb Public NPM Server

Many of you may have heard about how NPM constantly deleted dWeb's libraries from their public repository. For this reason, we launched our own NPM repository and are making it public, so that developers can utilize it when installing dWeb dependencies and CLIs. The NPM server(s) we're running should be launching today and tomorrow. As soon as they launch, I'll be posting an update on how to connect to it, via a new Steemit post.


We are in the process of launching dStatus (a decentralized blockchain-less Twitter-like social network) and should be launching its first public/production version over the next few days.

dPack CLI

As soon as our public NPM server(s) go live, dPack's CLI can be installed on any operating system. dPack CLI is a dWeb-based developer tool (command-line interface), that allows developers to easily create, manage and distribute dSites, dApps and dDrives on the dWeb.

dDrive CLI

dDrive's CLI should be live from the moment that our public NPM server(s) launch, as well. dDrive's CLI allows developers to create, manage and distribute dDrives on the dWeb.

Thanks for continuing to follow our launch of the dWeb. Stay tuned for more updates that are just around the corner.

- Jared Rice Sr.
dWeb Project - Lead Developer

About dWeb:
dWeb is a new decentralized web protocol, also known as the "Distributed Web". dWeb is a humanitarian effort by many developers in the software community, in an effort to create a completely decentralized internet. dWeb can be used alongside blockchains, to create a truly end-to-end decentralized toolset for developers and experience for users.