dAppDB & dDatabase Whitepapers Launched

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We have been hard at work authoring whitepapers on all of dWeb's P2P components. A few weeks ago, we released the first initial version of dWeb's whitepaper https://github.com/distributedweb/whitepaper, to kick things off and today, we're debuting two other whitepapers. Below is a short explanation for both the dDatabase and dAppDB whitepapers.

dDatabase Whitepaper

dDatabase's protocol allows for much of the dWeb to function the way it does. In fact, many of dWeb's components are built upon dDatabase's abstraction layer. dDatabase feeds are used by dDrive to create a virtual file system of folders and files that can be versioned. dDatabase also allowed for the creation of dAppDB's decentralized database management system, since a dAppDB-based database, utilizes dDatabase feeds for its key/value store.

To read the full dDatabase Whitepaper, please go to: https://github.com/distributedweb/ddatabase-whitepaper

dAppDB Whitepaper

dAppDB brings a truly decentralized database management system (dDBMS) that allows for the creation of distributed key/value stores. dAppDB-based databases are built on top of dDatabase-based feeds, that ultimately utilize the dDatabase protocol. This brings to life one of the most important components of Web4. dAppDB allows for decentralized applications to store millions of records, within a single database, without any performance bottlenecks. It also includes an JavaScript-based API for bringing to life powerful decentralized applications that operates fully without a blockchain. While decentralized applications are even more powerful with the integration of blockchains, dAppDB allows for dApp developers to push much of their dApp's data off-chain, as they already do with a dApp's files by utilizing dDrive (P2P content-addressable storage).

To read the full whitepaper, please go to: https://github.com/distributedweb/dappdb-whitepaper

Stay Tuned

We're working around the clock to bring dWeb live. Currently, dWeb's network is up and being tested by our developers. As soon as it is available to the public, we will make the official announcement (which could be any day now). As I mentioned in my last update, if you have an older version of dBrowser or dPack CLI installed, you can use the network as of today. Stay tuned for Monday's update.

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- Jared Rice Sr.
dWeb's Lead Developer


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