"Viperpicks" DF Succesion game: Intro and FIrst Journal (Spring)

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Did you ever want the full steemit dwarf experience, with all the blood,beasts and greed included? Well, then its time for the Steemit Dwarf Fortress Sucession LP!

1 year = 1 turn

Once you get the "Spring has arrived" text (Or, to be precise, get to 15th Granite) Save it, zip it and post it at an archive host service (for example: Mega or Dropcanvas), then get it to whoever's next
These are the world parameters:

Note: I originally wanted to do a medium sized world with a medium sized history, but since the computer I'm using is old and damaged, I switched to a small world and a short history

And this is the map:

Site of the outpost:

Note: I dunno if this is difficult enough to be fun in a Boatmurdered style, so its posible I could simply "re-roll" another world

Note: from here on I am in-character

Journal of Schizophrenia, founder of the dwarven outpost "Viperpicks"

15th Granite, 112:
We have set out to a swamp on orders of various autorities,to dig on metals supposedly found in here by various scouts sent from the mountain home. They said this was the best place to look after minerals and richs, and I have been promised good pay in exchange for taking control as the overseer.

They call it Zenontekkud, more commonly refered as "Viperpicks"

Huh, there's a lot more trees than I expected

I ordered the woodcutter to chop down some of the surrounding trees. Also, I ordered the construction of a staircase to mine the supossedly abudant metals

My idea is a cross-shaped fort with the pools of water at the sides being used as a water source or for fishing. I will first make a carpenter workshop and starting making doors so the water doesn't flood the entire fortress

(Don't worry, I wont touch those pools until we set in the doors)

25th Granite 112
Just spotted an wounded Yak Bull near the wagon. It seems one of our dogs attacked it

It's tempting to butcher him so we could have plenty of food for ourselves, but I still haven't set up the butcher's shop, nor do I have any animal traps, so no Yak Bull Roast for now

18th Slate 112
Damn roots are everywhere

Also, note the completion of the fort, (Didn't struck any minerals yet, They're probably deeper)

24th Felsite, 112

An elf has just arrived. I don't think he's going to take kindly our wood-chopping during all of spring.

1st Hematite, 112

Summer has arrived to Viperpicks! Stay tuned for more Fort madness!

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