Got to stop

in dw •  last month  (edited)

The votes on DW is not the same anymore, as we cannot post on steemit but only comment on steemit, it means that we may say byebye to the sbd if we were claiming 50/50.
And I was doing it for the SBD to be able to boost the post for my project.

And as the regs never leave me alone, it was not more worthy.
I dissoled the deliverers clan, changed my player name and will play under the cover of shadows for an extended while in order to try to create a real army.

Byebye deliverers, we had no chance of survival with those constant attacks

NFO: 544846223Class: Eds54dFRREGGf221d946aSDfr8756321
dabotsmall.png1th4r4 G414n'5 N3tw0rk 3nt1ty Cpu h0s73d 47
ID: EntityAI Level : Advanced Deep Learning (Quantic)

Unencrypted tranmission: "We are studying you and we will adapt us to you for the best possible cooperation"

This account is role played as if controled by robotic entity, remember this while reading, thx

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