I think it's full of adventure. you must have a strong guts for this activity.

really happy life mr @ pinacle.
you have a luxury car, a sophisticated ship, also a very nice house and complete all its contents.
hopefully one day I can have a house.
that is my hope.
nice @pinacle (y).
but the crocodile is horrible hahaha
steady (y).

The alligators looks pretty scary. Glad its you out there and not me. :)

Alligators are ♥ only when your on boat :p I don't know you man but after watching this video i kinda like you. and since i'm new here I'm following you for more great stuff. :D Congratulations I'm choosing you as my 6th following. Looking forward for a great time on steemit.
Good Day @pinacle

thank you, I am new here too

Aww man..... That's wayyyy to close for me. Can't they jump in the boat?

wooow definitely safe to see crocodile from the top boot .. ferocious bunny from the flow of a quiet river. if falling how ya ya .. surely tense. good work @ pinacle

My vote for you, give me your vote for me

"Nature does not have organs of speech, but it creates languages and hearts, through which it speaks and feels"

Grandiose things are done by grandiose means. One nature makes a great gift.

this is the boat where I live in Lhokseumawe city.
when I was a kid I very often go to use boats for fishing in the river. but now it's rare, in the river where I live there is no crocodile even I have never seen a crocodile directly

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Hy friend dtube is very well platform for video

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I do not understand how to play in dtub.
repeatedly I try but I still can not.
asa who want to tell me?
thanks .

Supper amazing I love your post

sorry i'm a new dtube user, i want to get acquainted and ask for your help with suggestions and enter so i can succeed like you
thank you
may you accept friendship from me
warm greetings from indonesian people

very dangerous, I do not dare because I am very afraid of crocodiles.
you are very brave, I like you.
Is there a way for crocodile crocodile?

Where did you live lovely friend you are true person

We're the third rock from the sun. Our home, Earth, is the third planet from the sun and the only world known to support an atmosphere with free oxygen, oceans of liquid water on the surface and — the big one — life. Earth is one of the four terrestrial planet: Like Mercury, Venus and Mars, it is rocky at the surface.

A video that shows how the importance of keeping the environment and our concern to the beasts of the Earth. They also need a survival selayak other creatures on Earth. @pinacle has given us an example to us of his love for the environment.


You are so sweet you are great person

Wow very nice and Amazing post my friend @pinacle i like you sharing in dvlog.
I would like to invite you to visit my blog @rizkyakbar please i want to your followback, upvote and comments my post thank you @pinacle

Wooww...good good

wow, To be happy in life is the best medicine. It looks good to the other person as well, thanks everyone

Fantastic job by steemit platform

@pinacle now this is what i call an actual adventure

Dtube is so nice platform for us

Wonderful job

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