DV7 Proof Of Staking Crypto Coin With An APR Of 10,000% 💸💰

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As you guys know I've been focusing on Staking coins for a while now and that is because I believe that they are an easy profit. POS or Proof of Staking is a mining argo that some coins have. For example around June Ethereum will go from POW to POS, so expect Ethereum to exploded around that time. This pool is a detailed review of DV7 and my honest thoughts on it.

Make sure that you read everything before asking me questions

Join DV7's Discord:

In my opinion anything under 500Sats is a good buy. These were the prices during Pre Sale/ICO

Only people selling under ICO prices are the impatient people that one to get rich over night, and people taking profits. As in every cryptocurrency, people will always take profits at one time or another, so coins going up and down is the natural thing.

I like to be honest and transparent when recommending altcoins to avoid people accusing me of market manipulation, so here are my buy orders log:

You can buy DV7 in Crypto Bridge:

The strongest point and special thing about DV7 is that it's the only coin with an APR of 10,000%, this will be like that for 40 days, this is day 7 I believe. I've been asking the main Dev questions, something that I like about him is that he is honest. I asked if I can hold this coin for a long time and he straight up told me NO. He understand that some people will dump after that high APR ends, so that is a good sign, honesty + strong community. You guys know that I'm a risk taker, so I will probably take profits at some point and then just keep the rest and HOLD with these strong hands that God gave me.

The have a Staking pool that anyone can join, minimum 100DV7, they don't charge any fees. I join the pool because I like to keep things simple. Besides, joining a pool give you more benefits like I show in the video above.

We do get a daily report which look very neat and clean:

How To Join DV7's Staking Pool In 7 Easy Steps

1. Join DV7's Discord:

2. Buy DV7 coins and send them to the main wallet: http://dv7coin.com/

3. Send your DV7 to the pool: D7evqoHwfbYnAwrCpEBLSgEr6rPpYUQ4So

Note: Minimum is 100DV7.

4. Fill this form:

  1. Once inside DV7's Discord contact the Admin in charge of the pool, RobH#4670

  2. You need to send him your Transaction ID, this is how you get it:

  3. Now you just need to wait for the Admin to add you into the pool. It will take 1-2 days, so please be patient and remember that RobH is not a robot and just like you and me, he does have a life.

That's all for now, any questions let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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It's good that the guy was honest and told you not to hold it long term... But doesn't that mean that it's basically worthless in the long run? Great to get 10,000% APR, but if it's on a coin that's going to be forgotten in a year, I'd rather leave it alone.

very complete information.

thank you my information will follow the next news.

Guys, congratulations for this useful stuff!