Pushing down the voting power to be ready for Hard Fork 20

in #dustsweeper6 years ago

Just a quick note to let you know that we are temporarily letting Dusty vote below the normal threshold of 90% voting power.

As you probably know, HF20 is scheduled to go live in about 17 hours from now. Unforeseen things could happen and we could run into issues with @dustsweeper's voting. To avoid wasting VP and to give us some time to fix eventual issues, we have decided to let Dusty vote more freely. The voting power can now go as low as 50% and the per user, per round, voting limit, has been increased from 2 votes to 10.

This is a temporary measure and if all goes well with the HF we will revert back to normal again shortly after the HF.


Just a quick question.......is there someplace where one might go to check on their account balance with Dustsweeper? I've not gotten any notices that my account is low, nor have I seen any Dustsweeper activity. Thanks.

Hi Elizabeth, you will get the balance is you transfer any amount bigger than 0.002.
I will soon have a better way to get stats linked to your account.

Thank you! I will send some soon and see what's what. Have a great day!

Thank you @dustsweeper for voting my posts and comments, too. It was a surprise to see getting upvotes from you. I really appreciate that. More power to you!

Dusty is a great sweeper. :)

Any update on voting after the HF? Hope it didn't screw y'all up too bad. Maybe one day things will go back to normal lol

Just had the system switched off to regain the VP for a few days.
Not much has changed and Dusty is back to normal operation.

Thanks for the update. I someone mention you in a post and stopped by your account. I noticed no new posts as of late, so it is nice to hear from you in light of HF20.

Yes, apologies for the lack of updates.
But I'm happy that we are back to normal operations again.

I was wondering about that while checking on the road, sounds like a good plan of action, for a just-in-case scenario. I liked the extra votes, so no complaints from this side. After all last switch over try left everyone high and dry for about 13 hours.

Is this service still available ? How do i get register for this ?

It is still working. Just transfer any amount to @dustsweeper. Send something small like 0.1 to try it out.

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Let dusty off the chain? Good idea ;-)

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