the dust limit is at precisely $0.020... but keep in mind that front-ends with 2 decimal places will usually round the numbers - so 0.015 may be displayed as $0.02, but it's still below the limit.

Seems to me the blockchain needs to think more in terms of steem and not be concerned with the $. Value it against itself instead of having perceived less value because they insist on giving the $ that power.

yeah, I'm not a fan of the "broken SBD-peg" either... it seems to be creating problems or nuissances at both ends of the spectrum. But hey, it also gives us a good way to get overcompensated for SBD by using the on-chain conversion these days ;)

That fundamental issue aside... the current development on the dust-topic is getting a bit ridiculous, too... well, stress-testing the system can be a good thing and it will maybe allow for educated decisions as the protocol gets developed further.

On to another topic, I scan all the accounts of people commenting here to consider them for watch-list approval. I'd dare to guess your main account is @penderis?!

Yip. The conversion I don't really understand is selling on the market not the same ... I actually figured the conversion was 1 to 1 so then the market is a better choice and faster.

So do you think it is a good idea to still have dustsweeper even if they do a max of 2 comments a day, but because of the current state I am not really losing by paying 0.03steem per vote... comments go to SP and liquid steem so it is a case of evening out? Also, don't worry about my comments it would be cool to be able to vote on others then my vote is not wasted but I tend to just ignore it and assume people understand if a comment is good and I can I will send a tipu

Edit: Honest when @tipu works it is great :)

!tipuvote 0.03

The market prices the USD rate in, so u pay more... but you get to trade instantly and you can "time the dip".

The on-chain conversion uses the price feed as if SBD was 1USD, and it currently sits at $0.43 compared to SBD 0.47 per STEEM on the internal market.

But, on-chain conversion takes 3.5days and the average price-feed over that time afik, so it's a bit of a gamble, too.

I've added both your main and your actifit account to the watch-list, I'm pleased to see you're not cross-voting at all and those self-deprecating transaction memos are hilarious ;)

Thank you for the info and adding me to the list pretty cool. I will look at delegating I guess a bit by many helps as me keeping my bit does me no real favours.\n\nHaha I enjoy my motivational memos.

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