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The question that kept running through my mind, “Is how long will it take to make an MVP?” An MVP is a Minimal Viable Product. Now I can answer the question. One day. In order to have a side-hustle you must not only you have a product or service, but you have to have a distribution channel and a payment system.

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A big killer of side-hustling income is wasting your time on frivolous features. In the software world we mitigate the waste by giving ourselves a certain time frame to accomplish our set of features. Usually what happens is that a feature turns out to be much more complex than originally estimated. At this point a decision need to be made. Throw more resources at the feature or we will have to drop the feature.

My challenge was to get a business up in 1 day. I couldn't beleive how much fluff (features) in my head this business had. But because of the time crunch I was able to remove a ton. Late iterations will get some of those features that got dropped to the cutting room floor.

The product is an eBook. In order to get it out the door, it is very raw. I mean really all it is a basic step by step guide for using WordPress to sell an eBook. The only gaurantee I can give will be to give a lifetime copy as I iterate from version to version. I will send out an e-mail to all buyers to let them know when there is a new version.

The cost versus the value I believe makes it more than well worth it. The price is only a $1.99. It took me 10 hours of effort to go from start to finish. If I can save you half that time to put together your very own eBook publishing site then you could easily be saving the cost of a whole year of hosting your site.

email: gutzofter@rationalchain.com

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Salute the hustle, @gutzofter! Have you always wanted to write a book or was it more a test of a new side hustle?


Not really, but I figure it is the fastest way to help people. I've been doing computers for 30+ years. This is a way that I can maybe help someone who doesn't know computers, but wants to make a hustle.


You should post more often. Your last post was pretty good.


For sure - nothing but respect for that.

And definitely want to blog more - just need to be better about carving out some writing time. Appreciate the vote of confidence - hopefully more to come soon!

Side hustles FTW! Props on launching your ebook. Building future streams of income is always a good idea. Hoping steem can fill that void for all of us!

Is this the first time your getting to publish an eBook?


Yes it is. The real thrill was getting a way to distribute ad then get paid for the content.