Duma Sari Sometimes it's good to stuck in the long line y

in #dumasari3 years ago

I think noone wants to be stuck on the long line, neither I. But today is an exception for me, I'm so lucky I met a great steemian @owner99 in a crowded line.


What's special about meeting @owner99 for me? Well...this is because he taught some valuable things in Steemit.

As a teacher, he know exactly how to explain the lesson to his student (me) in an easy and a simple way, the special lesson is the different things between the ordinary photo to tell a story and a photograph which the photo that tell the story itself, he showed me 2 different pic to compare.


There are many things he taught me. the point is don't stop posting just because your friends stop.
Thankyou for nice sharing @owner99


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