upvote rate changed : 2 STEEM = min. $1.4

in #ducksang5 years ago

From now on,
1 STEEM = min $0.7 upvote
2 STEEM = min $1.4 upvote

Please follow the instructions below to use DSB.

(1) send SBD or STEEM to @ducksang with upvote address

(2) An upvote will only happen when voting power is at least 90%.
Current Upvote Rules:

  • send min 1 STEEM, max 2 STEEM
  • post age: max 4 days
  • upvote profit: STEEM x min 0.7 multiple
    If you send 2 STEEM : 2 x 0.7 = min $1.4 upvote
  • deposit account:@ducksang
  • upvote account: @luckystrikes
    Please note that when using DSB, your deposit account and upvote accounts are different.
    [VP Check] https://steemnow.com/@luckystrikes
    If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.

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2steem 신청합니다

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같은 링크로 2번 송금하셔서
2스팀은 환불 드립니다.

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