Duck Adventures Vol. 2 - The Ducks Are Out!

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Welcome back to Duck Adventures. The time has finally arrived to let the ducks out on the pond! I have been waiting for this for awhile. It was mid-November when I brought them inside the barn for the winter, so it's been about 5 months.

Join me this Spring, Summer and Fall as I chronicle these fun to watch creatures. See them on the pond, on the lawn, and "helping" me in the garden.

I normally wait until the pond has thawed completely and the threat of re-freezing has past. Ducks can handle cold weather but they must have open water for protection from predators.

I took a video of when they first ventured from the barn to the pond. It's fun to watch them react to the pond, pretty quickly going into their "washing" routine. In the barn, I have a 4 gallon :bowl of water for them. They can get themselves wet, but its definitely no comparison to the pond.

Stay tuned for more Duck Adventures.

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Loving animalz

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Thanks for commenting. they are a lot of fun. I will be posting all summer and fall on their adventures.