Dubai Coin DBIX: The Fuel of ArabianChain

in dubaicoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

Join us to learn about Dubai Coin and it's blockchain Arabian Chain, the first middle-eastern smart contracts platform.

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You guys should consider posting these vlogs on Dtube. I think you'd get a lot more upvotes. Thanks for the content!

Thanks so much for the support! We are working on it, we have a mac and have been having some issues with uploading. We will keep you posted:)

Thanks for the video! I will need to look deeper into it, it's true there's a lot of potential money to flow in from the middle east. These countries are really underrepresented in the crypto space so far.
( At least for what I know)

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We feel that way, it is exciting for countries all over the world to have the opportunity to get into crypto. We love how much freedom crypto brings:)

Yeah! I also like how it connects people from all over the world :)

Thanks for the support:) Keep leaving your @SmartCash address so you can win the daily 5 SmartCash giveaway for a chance to win!

Thanks for the video my fav crypto couple! :) Keep on doing the good work. I couldn't find the whitepaper too, and I feel like it might have been mooning because of FOMO and hype, but I still do see the value in it.


Thanks so much Kirby! We appreciate your continued support:)

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This really is excellent in my opinion!

We are excited to see where it goes:)

Ha ha... where's the white paper? They have a lot of oil money but that will eventually run out so its smart they are exploring blockchain technology.

You couldn't find it either? Yeah, that was a bit disappointing. We are still excited for the potential here and looking forward to watching crypto keep expanding worldwide:)

Congrats Otage! You won:) Sending your SmartCash now!

Awesome! Thank you!