Buggy - a unique, lightweight SUV

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Those who love speed and easy off-road driving should think about acquiring vehicles such as buggies. Nowadays, you can find many clubs offering a ride on such vehicles, but to get much more pleasure from riding a buggy you should think about purchasing such equipment.


What is such an SUV
Initially, the name was the crew in equestrian sport. But nowadays, buggies are a very light and maneuverable car that allows you to easily navigate through sand and dirt. For example, you can verify this by visiting dubai desert tour The very first SUVs of this type appeared in the USA in the last century. The basis for this transport was the converted Volkswagen Beetle car. In our country, the first buggy models appeared in the early seventies of the last wiki.

Design Features
This transport is characterized by a light elongated body, low landing and relatively large wheels. The design features of the buggy allow this transport to be very maneuverable and stable. And thanks to the robust metal body, the driver will not fly out of this car while driving at high speed.

Management Features
If necessary, any person will be able to drive this transport, regardless of their age and driving skills in cars. But if you are going to ride a buggy in a special club, then you should know that they may have certain restrictions on age, weight and other physical indicators. But I would like to note that the buggies are very easy to manage, so they are ideal even for children. By the way, for children on sale you can find special models of reduced size and increased safety.

According, these vehicles are completely safe for the pilot, but during the ride it is very important to observe some rules:

Before starting the movement you should wear a helmet on your head;
if possible, remove various jewelry from the neck so that during an active ride, nothing gets into the vehicle mechanism;
no need to overload the car. If it is designed for one person to ride, then you do not need to sit on it together.


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