DTube Vlogs // i quit // Dealing With Creative Block And How I Overcame It

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Whatsupp Steemians and DTubers?! 👋🏼

It's been a long time since I've been in this creators space. It's no secret that I've been absent from creating videos lately, and in this video I talk about this massive creative block I experienced. I also go over what I did to finally muster up the ability to pick up my camera and make this massive 14 minute vlog!

I'm actually excited to drop this video. Not for everyone to see it but mainly because I did it. I accomplished it. I picked up my camera and made a film again. And I had fun with it. It's like @captainbob told me a couple weeks ago, sometimes you just have to flex that creative muscle! And this is me getting back into the creative gym, building those creative muscle fibers so eventually I can be a super lean 2% creative fat creator! 😂

How do you guys deal with creative block?

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Nice to see you again! Great vid:D


Thank you!!! Great to be back :D

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Happy to see your back man! Cant wait to see everything your going to make now that you've got the creative juices flowing again.

Always good to take a break every now and then to unwind and recharge!


Thanks man! Excited to be back! I agree, a break can make a world of a difference!

It is so hard to constantly grind your way through Steem and produce quality content. I had phases where I could just not do it anymore. Stepping back for a while also opens the mind for new approaches and possibilities.


Yeah man I agree. If anyone knows the struggle, it's probably you! It was nice to step back but I'm glad i'm back!

Nice video

Missed you buddy!! Jealous of that lens!!


Thanks bro, missed being here! Ahhh this lens is amazing! Dropping a video today where I finally used it!

I am visiting your blog from today and also following you. You have the best creativity. Thanks for sharing.

Look man... first of all you got the touch and that is something that will not change and you got an extra point becuase of that (I mean and extra point regarding to the battle against creativity lack fight :)

Also consider that for a creator life works like a zipper... and the good ones should be down to be up!

Enjoy this moment cause you know you will rock... is only a matter of time cause as I said... you got the touch!

Peace V!