DTube Talks | Value On The Blockchain Part 2 | What I Learned When Curation Changed

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Hey there Steemians and DTubers!! 👋🏼

Today I want to talk about the correlation between how much I created, and how creative I was. Hope you enjoy, let me know your thoughts or just say hi in the comments!

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Unfortunately I have not yet started Dtube

Investors?? You are such a tease Spencer! :)


Don’t get too excited 😅


Great Video. I dont Vlog per say i do Videos of Dance Shows and Performing Arts in general. So for me its not a case of just talking about a topic its a case of shooting enough shows and performances and this means i can only really keep to about 1-2 videos a week. Those Videos however are quality. So I just activated my Dtube today and look forward to sharing my content with you all. Time to bring the Entertainment to DTube


Go for it! Looking forward to seeing what you create!

Informative post.... Kudos

Yo can you put your socials in the description box ?


What do you mean?


like twitter or insta ...

Yes agree with your points bro.

totally love these videos invited you to minnow booster whitelist! lets get your content exposed!


minnow, whales man there is so much I dont know about DTUBE Im a noob here big time


Thanks bro! Just personal experience honestly! I had to take a step back.

Your beard is on fleek.


Haha thank you!!!

Interesting points. I was trying to do the daily thing because I needed that to learn - never having vlogged before or produced much video. But it just got too hard as summer kicked in in the UK and I got too busy. I remember when I first joined watching @adventuroussoul talking about how he just deleted a video that he thought was low value rather than posting it and that has always stayed with me.

Well said. :)

Very well said!

Also congrats on the monster upvote! :D

Great vid bro, thanks for sharing your wisdom with us

I must say I agree, I feel like taking a few weeks of haha... Want my new gear so hard, but SBD won't listen :')

You are becoming one of my favorite DTubers, continue


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I would be very grateful.

I must say, those are some of the most powerful words I have heard someone say here on the blockchain. I can totally see that. Appreciate the words Spencer. Great message.

DTube Talks | Value On The Blockchain Part 2.5 | What I Learned When I watched Spencer's video 👍👍

Your advice rings very very true. I see this in myself, and I think I will try to slow down. Assembly line blogging is killing me and any creative content I try to post. I personally got into that rut on YouTube, grinding for a fraction of a fraction of a cent... It becomes an instilled habit, a habit that is hard to break, even after coming over to Steemit and DTube. I think for me, a pause and restart is in order...

You've given me much food for thought as I self evaluate.

Thank you.