DTube Talks | Is The BEAR Market Nearing It's END? // Psychological Cycles // My Thoughts on BITCOIN!!

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Whatsupp Steemians and DTubers?! 👋🏼

It's no secret that the crypto markets have been bloody this year! However, is there some hope lying in the secrets of wall street?! Check out the video for my thoughts on the ending of this bear market!

Also, shoutout to my little homie on my right shoulder who I had no idea was chilling there!

Here is the graphic I had during this video:


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Great info bro! Loved seeing the comparison from the stock market to bitcoin. Super intriguing and hopefully the turn upwards is on its way.


Very interesting correlations indeed, I sure hope you're right and things will go back up soon, I can't take this downtrend much longer :S


I hope so too! No correction/crash is ever fun, but it's lined with all kinds of opportunity!

Come on man ...make it do something !!

Great And informative post.
I think one more correction need to get out from this situation.

Hey @spenceryan
Amazing post man!
I am admirer of your post!!😍

Can you help me?? Man..
Please take a look on my post.


There he is! Cool chart. Capitulation (speculation). Dude, I really like that you used photoshop in this! Some behind the scenes @spenceryan doing graphics would be cool. Wonderful job displaying this. Investments are a patience game. Not to mention Mt Gox is done unloading! "Clarity" I enjoyed this one man, great work!


que bien que lla es hora bendiciones !

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Yeah Man! That's exactly how markets work indeed and we know that thanks to FOREX :)
My view is that on 1D chart its clearly shows that Bitcoin goes down to the same position as it was in Nov 2017 before it goes up to 20.000 and then... we will see ;-) anything can happen but the good thing is that it has not brake the support line at this moment so it is more than possible that another rally is coming ;)


Holy crap man. The resemblance is incredible! Thanks for showing me this!

Very interesting way of seeing it and awesome as well D

Thank you for sharing this with us brother :)

Winny out...for now ;)