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Happy Weekend Dtubers,

It has been a while since my last dtube post. I was busy at the same time spending time with my family because it's the year end school holiday for my kids.

So this weekend, I decided to bring my family and my dog Lexi to watch the sunset at Tg. Aru Beach. This beach is always full of people, normally by the hundres, but today it was a little special because there was some activities going on at Prince Philip Park situated at Tg. Aru Beach in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia.

There were thousands of people on the beach today.

Here's a video of it.

I am practicing my video editing and do let me know how I am doing as I am still learning to edit video for others to watch.

Enjoy watching and Follow Me.
Wilson Koh

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I worked in the Oil & Gas industries with vast experience in Logistics and Material Management, Maintenance Strategy and Computerized Management System. I love the outdoors, friendly personality, and loves to travel very much.

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Congratulation @wilsonkoh! Your post has been recently featured on Myach's Daily Pick Edition!

Have a nice day and STEEM to the moon!

Thanks @myach. It’s an honour to be featured.

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That’s a beautiful sunset
Especially towards the end
I have heard so much about the sunsets on that side 😊

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Hello @kaerpediem,

Have you been to this side? I’m glad you liked it. I love going to the beach, it relaxes me.

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Glad to hear about your weekend. It is really important to sometimes spend time with your family

Thanks for visiting my dtube video. Yes spending time with the family is very important. Time will fly away if we dont spend time with them especially when there are still young. I dont want to miss that moment.

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Wow ... it turns out you also enjoy the beach this weekend ... Good ...
Happy brother weekend ... and don't forget to be happy ... 😃

You too brother. Must be happy!

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Okay brother ... let's be happy on the beach ...

Nice video and great sunset!

Tq. The sunset here is wonderful!

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