My Dtubesnapplus on 2 things we can do

in dtubesnapplus •  6 months ago 
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Steem has so much future ahead. I think you can try if you feel you want to do it. All the DApps available now is already super awesome although I haven't venture into Steem monster. As I don't play game. Haha


Thanks for your comments. @ned expressed that he is looking into dapps, that's where his focus is at, seeing the successful Steem Monsters idea. Games are okay but I'm not into them too much, either. I mean everything is a game, crypto is a game we enjoy playing all the time. All the best!

Thanks for the positive message mate!
I think also that we can at least use the existing dapps to be really productive and successful with out stuff. It doesn't matter what we can do - we have the possibility to share it with others.
And if someone is able to create a new dapp out of a new idea - the Steem blockchain delivers all necessary things for it. I think also that SMT will open some more doors for developers and others :) ai am looking in a bright future of Steem!




Many thanks, you are really enthusiastic, both in your smile and your thinking, me too, very much, I love this #EnGaugeToGrow HowCanIFollowIt to automatically see it in my stream feed? AllTheBest


Thanks a lot! #engagrtogrow is just to remind everyone reading the comment that it is important to engage to let our channel and the whole platform grow. The best way to follow that movement is to engage your own and use the tag as well in your comments :) (it means not that you are not engaging well :) )

Thanks for your quick reply and interest in the movement :)

Have an awesome day!

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Thanks for the shot out :D
Hahaha i like this "Oh yea" as a desription. Sencing Some positive vibes about this steem in general, im enthusiastic as well. Keep on rollin :)


Thanks for stopping by, anything you touch is gonna be successful or can be turn into it, I think, rock on!