Dtubesnapplus "Our moments and reactions with my Family while waiting for Miss Universe Proud #Filipino Congratulations PHILIPPINES!"

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Whats up Dtuber's and to all of my fellow steemians!

Today is the day of Miss Universe so we are here watching from the start till the end until who gets the crown to be the new Miss Universe.

My Family are gathering to our house to witness who will get the Crown when the Philippines announced as the new Miss Universe look at our energy and how happy we are.. because of how happy i am my phone slept to my hand, lucky it only fall on my stomach.. 😁😁

Proud #Filipino CONGRATULATIONS PHILIPPINES and to all the Miss Universe Qualifiers..

God Bless Everyone!

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Woohooo .. We Got it again!! 😆 , Congratulations to us! I didn't watch it yet , but so happy . Grabe Party sa Pinas nyan Kabayan . Resteemed

I’m a happy girl yesterday! Hahaha napasigaw ako ng very very light lol tapos gets na ng mga bisita namin kahapon kung sino nanalo hahahaha 😂

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Hello @twodorks . I can imaging ung sigaw na slight ahaha .
Sayang d ko napanood . I'm sure isa ako sa tumatalong lol..
Ang galing talaga noh.? . I'm super proud . :)

Yes..nakaka proud nga eh..sarap sumigaw nang malakas kapag ganyang mga bagay para sa pilipinas..

oo nga , sarap sa feeling , karagdagang parangal nanaman ito sa Pinas .
I'm Proud to be Pinoy

Hahaha..we are proud!

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Woooot wooot!!!! Hahahha #snapcomment

Parang wala atang volume yung video??? Or maybe it’s my phone..

And.... i like your house po so cute! :))

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lakas nang volume nyan..hehehe salamat poh.

Hehehe ok na po!!! Nirestart ko yung partiko app. 😅

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Wonderful post brother i like this video

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