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Good evening everyone how are you all!

This video was taken yesterday when I went to play basketball but I just edited it. I had a really great time with my friends we had fun we had joy and we passed a really great time! Throughout this time I tried to teach my friend how to do backflip ,and he did it!!

After couple essays he was about to die lol when he suddenly jumped to my arms trying to do backflip but I was quick and catched him before he fall on his head 😂

Okay just watch the video and have fun!

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I always get inspired by watching their videos so do the same!!

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Hello acrobatic mens!😀 Nice tutorial! Have a nice day!💪

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Hello my friend! Yeah thanks we had a great time indeed!😁😀

I've always wanted to learn how to do backflips! @soufiani, you're a hero.

Thannks man you can do what ever you see, all what you need is practice!!

Wow @soufiani that is impressive what you did, And good for your friend to attempt doing the back flip. So fun to watch youngsters like you do what you do :)


Haha thanks friend! Dont talk like an old man you still young!!