Trying Dtube Snap for the First Time

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So I have been watching @nathanmars and he has been talking about Dtube Snap and DTube Snap Plus. I have to say I am really happy he started the shorter video format. Sometimes it is nice to just do a quick video, hit your point and go on. So I wanted to try it out and I think I will enjoy doing some shorts! If you are a vloger I suggest you check out Nathan and see what he is doing!

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Short content like that does seem like a good format. I voted by mailing the ballot in. You don't even have to put a stamp on it, you can just drop it in the mailbox. It is very convenient.

That is interesting that they let you vote from mail. That was actually one of the proposals here, to allow "no cause" issuance of stay at home voting!!

Attaboy! I always felt a little hesitant to post videos because of the pressure to produce and edit something of longer length or substantial content.

With drive snap, I can just take a quick look into someone’s neat life or opinion or entertainment and move on. Opened the door for drive more for me and I hope it does for everyone else.

You set a great example by voting and I liked your first snap.


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Yeah I think it is going to take the pressure of as like on YouTube to create a masterpiece lol

Always good to hear your melodious voice. The chile looks great!

Umm you may want to schedule a hearing exam LOL!!!

Up vote for chili. DTube snap is a pressure cooker. Trying to get out all the things you want to say that fast. I can't handle that pressure. A lot of people are good at it. I'm just not one of them and I can except that. But I enjoy the ones where I can learn something about the people on here. Good job. Cheers..

Well you can go over the minute mark and not feel the pressure. Still use dtubesnapplus for longer than a minute!

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I have no idea why it wouldn't let me on this one, but, now it feels like I am allowed.

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dtube snap :) thaks for sharing i will try it:)