Dokorate // We love dtube ,onelovedtube, and nathanmars

in dtubesnap •  6 months ago

Activities to make a place / house that we decorate with #dtube billboards, based on #onelovedtube,

Happy happy day for us Didtube which is increasingly embedded in our hearts, the world dtuber and especially the #dcomindonesia.

This is a manifestation of our love for: @dtube, @onelovedtube, #dtubesnap, @nathanmars and for the whole world,

My struggle hopefully gets full appreciation from @dtube, @onelovedtube, and mr @nathanmaers (for this video),

In this case I invite other Indonesian teachers to make a video in my place.
Regards @good-darma
Your follow, reesss, and uvpote me ok !!!

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Hi @good-darma, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @nathanmaers doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @nathanmars ?

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Sorry,a little mistake, thanks for respons

Great brother, Keep it up. Promoting our community you are really doing very good.


Thanks, let's continue to produce this beloved dtube...

Sebuah pekerjaan Bagus


Saya harus memiliki banyak teman dtube

Dekorasi yang sangat bagus



This is a very amazing dtube promotion


Mari kembali aktif bersama dtube

Hopefully you get a good place on dtube, you are very active promoting dtube,


Thanks your respons

Bg ..malam besok saya ke sana ya ,,insyaallah


Ok, we form a large community for the future of dtube