Spring Is Coming Again

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Hello friends steemian.

In this post I put down a video and as I mentioned in the title, spring came again.
As we have seen, in the last few weeks, even today, Aceh has been raining, rain in Aceh is annual rain, rain like this has happened in Aceh once a year, the Acehnese people mentioned (Keunong Sa).

When the season comes, every creature has the opportunity to get a partner, Including humans, meaning that spring is very suitable for producing offspring. as you can see in the video I put this. here is a pair of cats having intercourse to produce their offspring. I recorded this video at night, incidentally that night I was late coming home from work and I could observe a pair of cats in contact.

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Best content ...😎👍
I seem to have seen this content, for now I can't play because it's in a low internet connection area ...
Is this the same content as last week @abudar ?

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