Big Thank you for fellow DTubers who believe in DTube

in dtubers •  2 months ago

So happy to see my fellow DTubers who have already delegated their own SP to DTube. The amount doesn’t matter and I’m happy to more people believe in Dtube!





Have a great week ahead :)

As I’m quite busy with organising and planning delegating my SP to some individuals Steemians and other Steem DApps, I might be not engaging that much here on the comment section.

Thanks for understanding and have a great week ahead :)

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Thank you 🙏

I believe steemit, I believe Dtube, I love Dtube

You know, I had a period where I couldn't upload or leverage Dtube. It was frustrating as I hate contributing to the profits of youtube but needed a home for my videos in my steemit blog. Well I was ELATED to solve the problems by installing a new browser, and log out/login when I got the generic error. So I am back on dtube and happy about it.

I wish I had the SP to delegate to these great platforms. I will get there for sure and am inspired by your investment of your SP.

You thanks to dtube but i thank you my friend @nathanmers

Yeah, it's amazing how many people are delegating to dtube, you can count me in that list as well, because I delegate all my power to @dcooperation and I upvote only dtube's videos with that account. So, it's a kind of delegation as well, and even people are delegating to us power, so more than 1000 steem power was delegated to us from people. People really believe and trust in dtube, because it's really changing lifes of a lot her and some people will not stay in steem if not dtube.

Thanks a lot also for your big delegating, you an an awesome support for us dtubers, your upvotes and support are the best, no whales do like you, your posts should be in trending page. I hope things in the future change and more whales will notice you and support you in return as well. I will do my best to let everybody support you.

@nathanmars, For sure it's an great thing to see these Delegations and that is because, in my opinion the Dtube is backed with the strong community and growth is waiting ahead for sure.

And we all know that you are striving hard to spread the word of Dtube to masses, and in my opinion you are doing that job really effectively and i want to appreciate for that.

And i want to see both Dtube and Dlive on top and want to see in future both these platforms Surpassing YouTube because we need Decentralised video platforms.

Now we can see that more and more users are redirecting towards the Steem Economy and specially towards Dtube and Dlive. And for sure in my opinion we are moving towards right direction.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you for being you! I too have had an insane week but on a personal level sorry for not keeping up with you this last week... just wanted to say thank you again for supporting my giveaway 💪

I will be bumping up my delegation to DTube this week also... needed to cover the onelove community delegations first

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Bless Ya Man! :)