DTube Reviews | FULL DJI Mavic Air REVIEW

in dtubereviews •  5 months ago

Hey there Steemians and DTubers!! 👋🏼

In today's video, I take a dive into the depths of the DJI Mavic Air Drone. So if you're interested in scooping up a drone, I highly recommend giving this a watch! Here's the full rundown!

Snag one HERE: https://amzn.to/2L7ITYZ

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So if you were to pick between it and the Mavic Pro.....would you still choose the Air?


Hey Cap'n! Yes I would! As a matter of fact the Pro isn't that much more expensive and I still went with the air. The compactness of this drone just blows my mind. Some say the quality is better than the pro! I'm not entirely sure of that statement but I do know this... One advantage of the Pro would be distance. However someone like me, is not exactly confident flying this thing more than 2 miles away anyways so it's a no brainer for me!


Cool. Great to know. Good review.


Thank you!

hello ! i just uploaded my drone shot in my feed could you check? :)

For amazing footage I still say Phantom 4 pro

Very well made review! :)
Like well organized and felt like a legit review! Good job on that!

Altho I don't agree with all of those points with you, the size really was the best thing about it. :)


Awesome review! I am this close to pulling the trigger on buying a mavic air and have been watching countless review videos on YouTube lately. It was great to get your thoughts and opinions on it too!

I can hardly believe the video quality - especially for the size! Totally easy to throw in a carry-on for trips.

Hey @spenceryan,
that is a cool review. I choosed this drone as well because it fit into all my travel packs and I take it a lot more with my as all that bigger models.

Just released a short drone flight from last weekend without much editing and I love the results.

Once again man killing it over here on DTUBE. I also cannot live without my drone in my videos I feel like its a part of me now.