Interview With The Content Director of Steemit // @andrarchy

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Whatsupp Steemians and DTubers?! 👋🏼

Here’s the promised footage of some of the interview myself and @paolajane had with @andrarchy, the content director of Steemit! I hope you enjoy! This should make you very excited for what’s to come here on the blockchain.

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Thanks for the interview.

We need a longer video...also can you ask about the

status of progress on SMTs?

Too short! Thank you anyway!

@spenceryan for sure it has been great achievement for you to giving interview with great person.

Great achievement ! How was interview rule plat

im quite new and like to know the history of steemit.when this concept/project launched?whitepaper?ect..can you help me?

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Thank you very much @paolajane and @spenceryan for sharing that great information! Very interesting to listen to @andrarchy
And I love this background sounds... typical Big-Apple-Park jazz sounds... reminds me on so good time there. Have a great day! Greetings from Barcelona

Good interview, very exclusif

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Thanks for doing the interview @spencerryan and @paolajane! You asked the right questions and @andrarchy gave good answers. He mentioned that there needs to be more valuable content on the platform and you guys certainly deliver that; mixed in with some fun content too! :D

Going to watch this after I get home from work. Seems interesting.


Going to watch this
After I get home from work.
Seems interesting.

                 - zemiatin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

"You can monetize everything with Steem"
And that sums up why Steem should be the #1 Cryptocurrency there is.

"You can work and monetize as you work"
That is exactly why @Ned gave Steempress a milli. It is the dream of every Wordpress blogger to instantly monetize their content. And with @Steempress-io this dream has become true.

"Focus your efforts on people who get it"
Aka network with people that are successful on Steem.

"Is the content valuable?"
Currently not really, that is because people join because they want to make easy money not realizing what it takes, but more and more gems will join over time.

"If I am not creating amazing content, I am off the course"
Should be the mantra of every content creator.

That was a super valuable interview!

Best Regards,

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Thanks for sharing man, this was great. i gave you my minnow support upvote for the day :)

Hi , am from China, your article is very good.
i want to translate it and share your idea with people around me.
is that possible ?
Thank you so much for your sharing.

I like this guy.

It is really mind blowing how the mainstream is with crypto. How I see people who aren't on the blockchain There are always those who are ahead in society, and the rest of the people drag their feet big time. Humanity has always been like that! I tell my friends: you're poor! You make $9 an hour. Invest $10 in crypto. TEN DOLLARS! You never know where that will go. They would rather bitch about the system and how they're victims. Just don't buy a six pack of craft beer this week and bam!

About the content on Steemit being very valuable: why don't we make everything always upvoteable then and do away with the seven day voting period? I would really like to know what the reason for the seven day voting period is. I like this guy. He's a visionary and he has passion and purpose.Not even following him on Steemit yet!


Drag their feet hahahaha love it. Probably some Earth stability mechanism


Great video though. I mean he central idea is what just about everybody wants, to be compensated for what they provide for the world. Hopefully SteemIT and DTube can iron out the wrinkles.

For example, I've been trying to post this comment for about 5 minutes.