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Dude, it's almost as if we connected with a weird wave or something. I just wrote about this very subject....


send me a msg on discord bro...

I am mostly in the bubble but I've perfected the art of burying myself in work that I hardly think about relations :D...That's what works for me. If I slow down it starts to get depressing so I never slow down. Hold on to your Happy Thoughts Nathan, and actually, that was among my first videos of you to watch.


I too have mastered that craft, however, it is very important to allow yourself to feel those emotions and let them pass through you. Otherwise, eventually it will all uncontrollably hit you at once. Thank you for the kind words Elsie.

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Good video. Keep your head up!

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That took courage, bro! Your authenticity and willingness to share personal matters was quite refreshing.

I’ll never forget an elongated stretch of 6 to 8 weeks in my life where I was so depressed - that getting through each successive day just kept getting harder and harder. The burden and crushing weight on my heart and soul was getting heavier and heavier with each passing day. There seemed to be no end in sight.

Then the strangest thing happened…

I remember this like it was yesterday even though this took place more than 20-years ago. It was almost as if my subconscious rescued me from a never-ending spiral of debilitating doom.

So, what happened?

I had a dream!

A very deep dream, one of those super-real-type dreams where you feel like stuff really happened. In this dream, I found a girl, my soul mate – the love of my life… I met her family, we shared intense conversation, and we exchanged nothing but the purest of love, understanding, and devotion for one another. It was a very real and moving experience for me.

This dream lasted a very long time – I’m sure it lasted the whole night through. It was so real, so fulfilling, so validating, and so beautiful – that when I awoke the next morning – my depression and loneliness had vanished from my existence, - and just like magic – I was cured!

As profound and unbearable as the long slog of my never-ending depression was, one magical night of reality dreaming completely cleansed my soul of everything that was grinding me down further and further into the abyss.

It’s crazy, I know… I truly believe that it was my body’s way of protecting me from a total catastrophic failure of the heart and mind. Kind of like a self-defense/self-preservation mechanism. I think that dream saved my life.

I’m wishing you a similar dream, my friend.