Freedom of Speech is Under Attack!

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In this HwZ 92 I discuss the implications of the Alex Jones purge that took place on 8-6. This is a very serious move the establishment is making, and we all need to pay attention to what happens next.

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Serious talk. I like it. I've told other people before it's hard to get people to join decentralization because for some reason most people like to be controlled.


Weird, I was just thinking I hadn't seen a video from you laitly. Glad to hear from you.

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Hey man!

Thanks for this serious talk. I absolutly agree with you - every one should have the right of free speech! In Germany we have a restriction here: Every one can speak out free JUST if he doesn't hurt somebody else.. And I am sorry but - This guy is a racist and he talks like a racist. And this hurts people.

I rly do not wonder that he got banned from these platforms. Really not.

Nevermind: This is just one act of the big cencorship wave we are right into in the big social media platforms. Youtube is striking you when you talk about drugs in your video / instagram flags your pcitures when you are showing your nipple (even as a male) / facebook... ahh .. facebook....


Alex Jones is not racist. I'd like to see where you got that info. Doesn't matter if you are racist or not "freedom of speech" trumps all.


Hey man ! Sry I did not wanted to offend you - if I did.

I never listened to his shows and I have no impression of him except from the media. Sry if I took the mainstream media to serious but for example there are some articles in the internet about his relation and acts to former employees. If you are searching you will find a ton of articles about this and other stuff by your own. I dont want to search for him anymore because the search hits are full of discusting speaches about nazi ideas like race "traits"and his hates against imigrants and full of antisemitic stuff. wtf ? In my eyes he is even more a racist than before my search.

I just wanted to tell that I AM not wondering that he was cencored. Trump is also not cencored - what is pretty strange for me.
Cencorship is a rly bad sign for a society.. thats for sure..

Of course everyone should have the absolute right of free speech. But without hurting / heavy offending people or infringing their rights. This would be a criminal offense here in germany and as I know in many many other countries around the world.

I know that the us law is a bit different than ours. It is for example not illegal to walk with a rised nazi flag in the streets.

It is a difficult and endless discussion if this is a good or bad property of a law and if alex jones is a racist.
I dont want to say that his viewers and listeners are racists or bad people. because people are different and that is mostly a nice fact.

freedom is speech is worth standing up for.

nice talk

You can catch Infowars and PJW on BitChute. CNN's Oliver Darcy is suggesting that it was the MSM working together to take down Alex Jones. Think about that. The MSM in a coordinated effort pressured these social media platforms to take down a person who competes in their genre of business. Are these platforms going to perform a mass purge of all the other people that are in violation of their TOS? I'm guessing not because it's people like Alex Jones who has 2.4 million subscribers, over 36k videos and 1.5 or 1.6 billion views. Isn't it concerning that these platforms worked collectively to take out one person? Doesn't that clearly illustrate a bias? What about all the other people who are in violation of the TOS and how is it the MSM's job to pressure social media outlets? We already see a collective effort on the part of the MSM to take down a sitting president.

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Yeah this is very bad and we do need to do something about it. Thanks for the effort put into this video.

Yep... it is huge.... This never happened before... It is a big time escalation... I mean just think of it, being deplatformed on all these sites virtually at the same time:

Google Podcast
Sprout Social

Linkedin? Pinterest?? Mailchimp???

It goes to show just how concentrated the shadow power really is...

I look at it positively though... I think history will show that this is the beginning of the end of Youtube, Facebook etc.

Great Video.
Great Video.
Did I mention, Great Video.

Yes, decentralization is the answer! As people continue waking up to the current reality more and more people will "Walk Away".