How to know if a GUY Likes you | DTube Daily Vlog #3

in dtubedaily •  11 months ago  (edited)

Hi, @dtube
I am Pratik (VJ Joe) and TODAAAY!!!!! I present you VLOG #3

All these Signs in the Video were given by me to the Girl I liked!

When it comes to figuring out if a guy likes you, it doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out. Men are different from women in many ways, and when it comes to dropping hints to someone they like, they are a lot less subtle. From not being able to take his eyes off you, to several body language clues.

Coming back to the first line: SHE SAID NO :(

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Awesome man! Great work, welcome to steemit! Lmao the wig! great editing man! Subscribed. You are really talented, I look forward to future content!


I am sorry zainenn if you didn't understand.
I will make sure to use English in my next video :)

This was lit Pratik..waiting for part 2.


Once I will fall for someone again.
I will surely make on :)
Thank you though

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Hope you liked the video

Very nice and funny, I watched this with my wife @steemitbaby , she knows a bit hindi lol she understand kuchnahi lol


haha :D I didn't knew your wife knows Hindi :)
Namaste from side to her :)
Thanks for appreciating the video.
Means a lot.

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Very nice Vlog Sir.


thank you brother!

Good job my friend... I like your video.


Hey Thank you so much <3

Thanks for making the interview for our community, you were included in our recent post, we wish you the best. ☺