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I do exactly the same to kids who I visit at family, "watch your head", putting a finger or just help them not to get hurt xD

That juice fast sounds delicious!

P.S. I made a vlog about Sunday being the "workout day" - Clean you damn apartment - workout ;D


hahah I'd feel guilty for ever if she banged her head on my table hahha

The juicing is going well, strange not eating though.

p.s I did clean ;)


Haha, about cleaning I meant how I call this work out "Clean your damn room" - workout hehe

Yeah, kids are reckless, that is why they have parents ;D

I tried the juicing thing and it was an interesting experience. I recall feeling pretty naff to start off with as your body craves the usual stuff; kinda like cutting out caffeine. However, felt pretty awesome at the end of it. I've done it a few times since but with a little twist of allowing myself some yogurt (full fat) and/or nuts to help control blood sugars diving all over the place (fruit being loaded with sugar).


Yeah im on day 3 now and i feel great wheras day 1 and 2 was hard hahah, i put it down to craving caffine and sugar (not natural) etc