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beach is great at the morning


So nice!!!

sweet beach. wow...great that your work is so close to a beach. good luck with that juice fast...i here after a juice fast is the best time for an enema...haha...joking but not


while an enema is gross to think about...and perhaps a bit uncomfortable. It is also literally liberating. Haha... but i went through a health nut phase where i was trying everything.

yeah. its so easy to miss some of the closest blessings. i live right here next to this epic lake... yet i often barely look up. i have been trying to soak it in more lately


hahah yeah the enema wouldnt be pleasant hahahah

It's so great being by the beach. I forget it's there too easily.

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Good to see you finally taking some rest! Might be the last week or so catching up with you and not the juicing :)

I’d love to be able to hit the beach at lunch but have to head inland for work. No more week day morning beach walks with the dog for me until the mornings start to brighten up again.


Yeah it might be you know, I keep blaming the juice but might be lack of sleep catching up haha. I've been mega tired and unproductive this week!

I think i took the beach for granted but this week last 3 days ive walked down there on my lunch and its so chilled I love it.