My First Dtube Livestream. Join me and let's talk

in dtubedaily •  3 months ago

This is my first attempt of doing a Dtube Livestream let's hope I can make it work.

Let's talk. Ask me questions.

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Looks like you have the same issues I had. I only 50 seconds or so of the feed got published, and all the 10 minutes of blabbing never made it online. Not sure what's going on. I've seen other streams that are longer than 5 minutes. :/


i made it happen later. You just need to find what are the best settings for your PC! because I think that right now if your settings are not right you end forcing the CPU too much and thats why it stop working. :D

hey, yes you are live, I like when people try new things. ☺


Hey did you do this with your mobile or pc ? I hear some clicking sooo I would guess a pc :P


yeah i did it on the PC! You also can get Streamlabs for mobile. I have tried once and I wasnt able to make it work on Dlive.


Yeah I don't know.. I am tired of trying out the dtube stream on my mobile lol.. 8 or more attempts with several apps are just too much haha

I will wait until the upcoming in-browser-stream which will be available if dtube updates the internal components. We will see :)


Yeah if they implement that would be so amazing also because my laptop and internet connection is shit lol so i alsp struggle with that ehehe