🍓| Exploring + Hiking Through The Cameron Highlands, Malaysia | Vlog #47

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Hey beautiful beings,

I’ve been in the Cameron Highlands for the last few days and I couldn’t be more grateful to be away from the jungle city of Kuala Lumpur even just for a little while.

The highlands is a peaceful area amongst the forests with a lot of great hiking, tea plantations and strawberry farms.

A little bit of nature always does me right so I hope you enjoy this vlog through my little journey of this area.

Big love! | neeQi 🌳

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Hmm, I must say it looks like you are holding a big strawberry. It's very creative.

I don’t know what you mean, it is a big strawberry. 😋

hey neeqi feel happy to see your recent vedio....hope that you and your family all are well... and your mom birthday going well dear . ..God bless your mom.....take care my friend ♥♥♥♥♥

Thanks Afrin! I’m doing well and I hope you are too. My mum had a great birthday! 😁💗

Ow..thats great dear...she capture picture ??? i want to see...if she capture some picture.for her birthday...and welcome neeqi..my dear friend ♥♥

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Love the view so beautiful. And you ride on the way back was cool haha. Now I'm counting down to meet you :) So happy !

It really was a lovely view! I think you’d enjoy this spot. Haha yes and hitch hiking was heaps of fun! Anne, I am so exited to meet you. I literally can not wait!! 💗

Life is all about the "little journeys", animals, strawberries, and random strangers.

I couldn’t agree more, just a few of the great things getting me through my days. 😊

Hey Neeqi,

Nice blog on Cameron Highlands, I loved this palce when visited..

There are few similar blog which might be helpful for your experience in Malayisa, Hope it will be helpful.

1. Batu Cave

2. Organic Hydroponic Vegetable Garden Cameron Highlands

Fraser’s Hill - Bukit Fraser

Hey @devrajsinfgrawat!
Thank you so much sharing some more nice spots in Malaysia. I’m currently back in KL and I need to hang around the city for a while but it’s great to have some more information! 😊

If it’s good for vegetarians I might have to check it out. Thank you for the tips! 😊

they serve both options & has a great taste ! i m sure u ll love it..

hey.. wow....so nice place..

Glad you liked it. 😊

haha..really...thanks..for sharing..

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