❤️🧡💛 | Three Women I Appreciate on Steemit!

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Hey lovelies,

Today I wanted to share a video with you on three women who I have come to love and appreciate since being on the platform.

Kate - @art.life
Anne - @anne-c
Afrin - @afrinsultana

In many ways I have developed a special friendship with them all and am grateful that these connections have blossomed so strongly online.

I hope you enjoy and maybe feel inspired to share who you appreciate here in this space!

Big love | neeQi ✌🏼

Music: http://audionautix.com/

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That's. so. cute dear..you are. also in my heart..you are so so lovely and kind and sweet and. ♥♥♥♥. .I am lucky girl. who get like you. friend..dear..

thanks for your mention..dear....
Biggest love for you. and. your. family...♥

Of course, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your friendship! Big love. 💗

My heart is melting. 💕 First of all, that's very sweet of you making a video like this. The women here deserve appreciation, and I love that you're encouraging such supportive vibes here.
And thank you so much for the kind words. I hope you know I'm your greatest fan as well. 😄❤️ We have so much in common, and yet I have so much to learn from you. You're an amazing woman!

I was watching this at work and couldn't be other than all smiles and giggles.

This makes me happy to hear! In the moment I felt like I just wanted to express that you are all so wonderful. Life’s too short and it’s important to share how we feel. I’m glad I could bring you a smile! 😁💜

Congrats for your firendship. Have a great day. Hug

Thank you! I hope you’re also having a wonderful day. 😊

nice sarah... great to see your vid....watched it with the kids... i thought that it was very sweet and genuine.
Percy says. ... i liked that she was just talken by her own...she was talking..not singing a song of talken and she was saying about her friend and that bit was my favorite bit

Amari says i loved that video it was sooo nice...i couldn't stop watching it...even though it was night and i was sleepy.xxx (Amari wants you to know those 3 x's are her kisses that she hit with her own fingers.

Ah thank you and so great to hear from the kids! This comment left me with the biggest smile. Let them know I am sending big virtual hugs and kisses. 😁💚

It's great to see you creating some more videos. Glad you are well!

Thanks @captainbob! It's been a bit difficult sometimes to keep consistent with all the travelling but I'm working on it! 😊

OMG you make me cry. My English is not good enough to explain how I feel now. I feel the same way and I really CAN"T wait to see you. I like really like art.life too. xoxo

Just to have you know, and that it makes you happy is enough for me! I'm still waiting on my visa stuff here in KL but I am hoping I will find out in the next few days so I can finally book my flight. I am ready to get out of here and onto something a little more exciting, meeting you! 💜

Thumbs up, because I love the way you speak and the way you smile!
Nice video and discussion on how you have people collaborations and creating great friends, this is why I love D-Tube. Great community!

Thank you, that’s very sweet to say. And I agree, the community is great and why I wanted to express how wonderful it has been to get to know these ladies during my time here!

Meant every word and thanks for stopping bye and for the replay.

Hi how are you today, conggrat, i love your video, really i like

I'm doing well thank you, how are you doing today? And I'm glad you enjoyed the video! 😊

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