I voted for @fulltimegeek as witness & I’m demanding Dtube video content from Steem Witnesses at least once a week!!

in dtubedaily •  6 months ago

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Please vote for the maximum 30 Steem Witnesses and keep updating your votes!

Thanks 🙏

Happy Steeming
Happy Dtubing

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I will update my votes friend, great advice. I certainly had not had the opportunity to meet you before. God bless you, you have a good vlog. You are a hard worker. By the way I do not really know why you vote, I do not know what the role or the function of each one is here!

Hell, I'm game. What do you want addressed?

DTube has been loyal to Steemit and is decentralized platform. I read about Dlive leaving Steemit and joining some other platform. Pathetic! So, let's support Dtube. Fully support the suggestion.

Do not tell me, comment or no comment.


I guess I can because

  1. It’s my blog
  2. Because I’m encouraging people to promote steem on Twitter and other social media instead of commenting and most of posts are shared on Twitter
  3. Also I’m trying to stop the bot commenting on my post and my fellow steemians post!!!

I wrote smiley...

But i think, commenting is important. And i haven't twitter or other socmedia. So i make comments, instead of share.

Btw if you write this: no comment, this is help against the bots? How this works?


I totally agree that commenting is important.

But more important is that not to have bot comments.

There are bots creating contents too. lol