DTube - Why You Should Be Fluoride Free

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Most people are unaware that there is toxic chemicals being dumped into their water supply. We have been told that Fluoride needed to be added to our water supply because it helps prevent cavities. This is a blatant lie. Fluoride is very dangerous to our health. In this video I cover why we need to stop drinking this poison and ways you can filter it out of your life forever. Thanks for watching and Godspeed!

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dose makes the poison, consume too much dihydrogen monoxide and it would harm and potentially kill you, yet it's in everything, even the organic food you'll prepare in your kitchen.
the amount of fluoride they add is so small that your body can dispose it with no effort.


I for one do not want toxic chemicals added to my water in any amount.


the problem is: everything is toxic, it all depends on how much of it you come to contact with,
in a closed space dioxide carbon kills you way before you run out of oxygen, yet we enjoy it in our fizzy drinks.
iron catches fire with enough oxygen, the same thing we breath in every second.
you might eat a banana to benefit from the potassium, but in high concentrations it explodes when it come in contact with water, it's radioactive too.
there are cases of athletes dying because they drank too much water.
the hot taste of capsicum(chili peppers) comes from the pesticide, this kind of plants produce, and we love having some of this pesticide in our food because it kills bacteria and mold, keeping our food edible for longer.
dose makes the poison.