2 days in a row broke down

in dtubedaily •  last year 

There is noting more aggravating than an engine that will run for a while then die and not run, we took the carburetor off several times cleaned it changed parts in it and would run great at home. The next day same thing, take carb back off clean jets replace pin. still won't stay running, finally took fuel pump off and the diaphragm had a pin hole in it, runs great now.

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Wow it looks like @dtube really lent some value to this post! I told you your posts were great. I will upvote once my Voting Power recharges. I went on an upvoting spree and it is going to take several days for it to recharge. :)

Yes I guess so this one got 8 votes, that might be a record for me. Don't worry about it, if your vp is low is there any way I can help it grow?

My Voting Power just needs another fifty or so hours to fully recharge. :) I should have been watching it closer when I went on an upvoting spree. There was just so much good content that I got carried away with it. :)

I have a typo in the beginning it should say, There is nothing more aggravating, etc.