TRAVEL VLOG | A week in Istanbul + dtubedaily meetup! | VLOG 34

in dtubedaily •  5 months ago

Hey there! So I just came back from Istanbul where I participate and presented in an academic conference and also got to explore the beauty of Istanbul. And guess what, I did not do it alone as it turns out that other dtubedaily nugget @harshilpatel was there as well. Who would have thought that I will have my second ever real life meet-up during work-travel! Please do check this super talented vlogger out, especially his DTUBE SHORT STORY series. They are fantastic! :) p.s. i hope that one day I will be able to edit as good as he does.

I can't believe that online community can become real life connections. What a wonderful world we live in!

Spread love, spread happiness! :)

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You smart lady, I'm proud of you. :)
Istanbul looks so bright!
It's so cute you guys met! ❤️ When you forget to film anything - that's when it's truly fun. :)


Thank you lovely! And yes, you are exactly right! :)

Such a fun day! Dtubedaily meetup for the win! :)