LET’S ALL FIGHT AGAINST BOT ABUSE!!! | dreamvlog #40 [DTubeDaily]

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Today’s video is related to the latest article by @heimindanger where he was talking about the current bid-bot abuse situation on the steem blockchain. This is a topic which actually kept me busy more or less since I joined this platform.
There is no doubt that there’s massive abuse on this platform but it seems like only a few people are doing something against it. The rest is just complaining about it… I have been acting this way as well. I always boycotted bots just in the way of not using them. But this won’t solve the actual problem!
I also strongly believe that the current and ongoing dip has to do with massive abuse on this platform. It’s time to finally come all together and strike back!

The post mentioned above can be found here.

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Brother, I actually talked to Heimindanger yesterday about whether there is going to be a dtube 2.0 when eos launches or not, but first, let's talk about what you just said and I totally agree that we should try as much as possible downvote these people. The only problem is, as you have already mentioned as well, the voting power. However, if we even downvote just one person and all of us do it altogether it will be very beneficial for us and the platform.

Winny out...for now ;)

Another thing we should all keep in mind is that we don’t have to downvote them to zero. As they are still paying for upvotes as well they are only getting a percentaged return.
I’m no expert so I cannot say how much it is. Is it 10, 20 or 30 percent? But if we could just downvote to make their profit turn zero that should already have a huge impact. The more, the better because from this break even point bot usage will mean losses... At least for the people buying votes.

This was really really great!!! Thank you for your courage! Your video clearly shows, that we have reached a new point in the discussion. Before to me it was more like... „is it okay to use bots?“... and I just had an opinion about it. Now it is like: „No, sorry. It‘s not an opinion anymore! I am absolutely sure, that I see it the right way!“ And it was your video, that made me sure right now. Just sure about, that I want to communicate only with people, who see the community as the most important thing. And not their own money. Yes, we all love money. And we all need it. But it makes a difference, if your main interest is money or community. In real life it‘s really difficult to tell, who is interested more in money or more in community. It‘s the two things fighting in everyone of us. Most of us want both I guess. But with the bots, it becomes cristal clear here, who is more interested in one of these things. It‘s exposure. And that‘s freedom. That‘s how it was meant to be. And we will selfregulate it! That‘s anarchy? Sorry, you anarcho-capitalists... you are just extreme liberalists. For me the real anarchist is about community! That doesn‘t make me a communist. Steemit just shows now, that it is still a long journey, until this will be clear. It is very exciting, watching a crypto-community developing the same way as communities in the „real world“. And watching the same mechanisms going on. We are only a mirror by now. And I know on what side of the mirror I stand. I won‘t watch this great idea going down because of selfishness. And of corse we still have our daytime-jobs... you don‘t have to say sorry for that! That‘s more normal than spending the whole day here, telling everyone, that this community is all, while wanting to earn all of the money of the world. The whole idea of cryptos is being perverted through this attitude. The whole idea of mankind also. I can‘t wait for communities being implemented. So that we can build up a „it‘s not about the money“-community. Do we want to spend our voting-power for flags? We should spend it for people who don‘t do tricks.

Bid bots are a problem for the quality of the platform, even though they do bring revenue to the platform at this stage. Many whales would probably powerdown and leave if they couldn't invest in big bots to make profit without adding any value (apart from their SP).

A fast developing problem that is getting worse EVERY DAY on this platform is SPAM. You can look at the comment section of this video to see what I mean. There is at least twice as much spam now as when I joined 3 months ago. Something needs to be done to clamp down hard on that.

Could you explain how they actually bring revenue? I guess this would interest a lot of people out there. As far as I can think about it I can only see it this way:
A bid-bot gets paid by someone using it. He gets SBDs which he can exchange into fiat. The user of bid-bots gets SBDs as a result of upvotes which he can again exchange into fiat. According to simple economics there seems to be an excessive supply. Who should buy all these SBDs??? For me, it sounds like this system only can fail...
If I'm massively wrong please correct me! But this is a topic that I've been talking about with @alakazam as well.

Oh yeah, the system WILL fail eventually that way for sure.
Ok say you're a whale with 1 million SP. You can make money a few ways - you can blog everyday and upvote yourself. You can create content a few ways and people will probably engage with you and upvote you party because you're a whale. Or if you don't feel like creating content (or you don't know how to), then you can just rent out your SP (via delegation programs like minnowsupport), or bid bots where you make money upfront and cash it out.

You are right to say it's ruining the system - for example it messes up the Trending page, and discourages quality content creators.

The only one positive is that it is an incentive for big whales to not power down and leave, since they are making so much money backing these bid bots. Most of the bots are created by whale/orca accounts. If they power down and leave, they price of Steem would probably crash completely because the platform is not mature enough yet.

I like that bid bot wall of shame....expose those damn bid bots and the losers that use them.

Good one Matt, as always. Welcome BAAAACK! I actually stopped using bots. I used to boost my post about $1-3 just to bump it a little. But recently stopped using it altogether. I agree. Using bots to trending should go to promo or something since that’s basically what it is.

Thank you, @dnews! It’s not only about what is shown on the Trending page. It’s also about the aftermath that this abuse has for the whole platform and for the people using and loving it.

Also besides from downvoting hyped content, we should all participate more in the platform and upvote good quality content that gets buried over time. There's so much good quality content that never gains momentum at least not as bot voted posts.

I absolutely agree with you! But without the power you cannot push the good content to the top. On the other side you have limited voting power. Downvoting trash while upvoting great content at the same time can only be made by one person with a very limited number of posts until you drain your voting power massively.

I did write a blog with some soulution for it. I did just come with my personal idea to solve the problem of using bots. Bots would be limited to only new users. They could for example if they obviesly they like to, use them only for a sublime time, say for the first week.
Why do I think that this would solve many bots problems? Consequently, every new user is afraid to be unnoticed. This would be giving him the chance to stand out, would have his time to show up.
And also whales could even advertise these bots on YouTube channels as they already doing that to encourage new users to join the steemit, dtube. And the second thing, steemit has to put filters on these bots that constantly comment our posts. My idea is just for giving a chance to everyone and also bring more users to our community. Instead, spamming users comment sections might be a good idea to give them separate block for own advertisement since they're all in unwanted comments.

I guess that’s not a bad idea to only use bots for a limited time and only for new users to get noticed. But in general I believe that quality content will win the race in the long run if you just have enough patience. If every new user could and would use bots these posts would probably go under in some “Promoted” section. Won’t make that much sense again I guess...

Instead of going under "Promotion" it should go under new name something like "Hall of Shame" or just "Paid Ad"

I think most would agree that any abuse is not necessary specially in this platform. I just wonder what "abuse" means to everyone because it seems that has not been set yet. Some actions may look abusive to some but could be OK for others. I hope there would be a more standard rules for these so called "abuses" in bot.

So it means then that Steem probably dies when on EOS something more advanced will be build - without premine (though I heard rumours already that a lot of ETH whales bought into EOS early..) etc. It would be interesting to know if the bot thing is also possible in EOS or if @dan did think about the negative implications they have for human content curation and came up with some solution.

Hey Matthew,

I recently launched a start-up in the Crypto-wear world and I would love to bring you on as a sponsor. If you're interested please let me know!

Feel free to reply here or email me at [email protected]

Wow! You look hyped! :D
Nice to see that!
Those darn bots! Tried it once, didn't really see any good from them... So this is why people use them.

Like playing in a server full of bots.. booring.


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