Small Things Don’t Mean A Lot. They Mean Everything. | dreamvlog #37 [DTubeDaily]

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That’s a quote or a saying which I have read in a training book for salesmen a few years ago. But it’s one of those sentences that stay in your mind forever. Because on one hand it is so simple but on the other hand so true.

As some kind of perfectionist, I strongly believe in this saying. It’s those little details that can make or break a deal. And when you have a strong competition you need to find something that makes you and your product unique or special.

But this isn’t only interesting for salesmen of course. Since I’ve been doing vlogs I realized that in videos it’s also about those small things, those details.
I’m about to do some cinematic clips again in the upcoming weeks. And transitions are an important topic of course. But what makes a good-looking transition become a great transition is the little “swoosh” sound effect supporting it. At least in my opinion. This is only one example for those important details which comes in my mind right know as it’s been a topic for me just yesterday.
It’s a detail that you can quickly forget about or simply think that it’s not worth investing the time into it. But I wanted to find some good sound effects. So, I spend almost 2 hours yesterday just looking out for the perfect sound effects for those transitions in my upcoming videos.
That’s the amount of time I sometimes spend on a whole video project. But I believe it was worth investing the time for this detail.

What do you think about that saying? Do you know a similar one? Tell me about it!

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…live your dream!

Music & Sound Effects by Epidemic Sound

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Good thoughts and I agree. The details make all the difference and with regards to sound, I believe at a minimum 50% of the value of a video project is in the sound. It might even be greater :)

I actually watched a Peter McKinnon video yesterday where he claimed that sound is even more important than visuals. Because what our brain processes first is audio. And he also said that you can somehow get along with a video which has a bad looking quality but what’s really horrible to deal with is a video with bad audio.
And I agree to this argumentation. When I watch videos where people’s voices are way too quiet for example I intantly lose a huge amount of interest.

100% agree man.

Well, I'm looking forward to your upcoming cinematic shorts bro. I'm loving them.
I also agree with the small details sentiment definitely!

It makes me really happy that you enjoy them, Adé! Actually I planned to make a cinematic video last Saturday already. But then I woke up in the morning and we were covered in snow again. I don’t enjoy being outside in the cold. Especially not working with the camera...

Amen. I totally agree with You about the sound. I have a home cineme rig at home and spent the largest portion of the budget on the amp and speakers. The TV sucks, but it’s still a nice experience!

I cannot understand how some people enjoy watching movies on those built in tv speakers. I don’t have a surround sound system but still some nice external speakers.

ha ha. D'you know what's worse? Watching my daughter walk around the house listening to compressed audio files on her iPhone 5C speaker! But that's how it is now I guess.

There just needs to play some music that’s it. Most of my friends also don’t ask for more. I also listen to compressed files but at least I choose 320 kbps VBR.
And I still buy all of my music on actual compact discs because I love it. And whenever I want to listen to the whole true experience I can still decide to trow in that CD :)

I still buy CDs too. They're often cheaper than the digital downloads, which is crazy. I went through a phase of adding external DAC and headphone amp to my iPod and putting Apple Lossless on, but it got too unwieldy!

Yeah I discovered sfx on epidemic sound yesterday as well. CRAZY! I could lose countless hours on there

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