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I know I said in this video that I was in the middle of nowhere as well as the place where I filmed this vlog was not very far away from my home place. This may sound a little bit conflicting but not if you actually live in the middle of nowhere... which I do! :D

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for your support.

Special thanks to @jeffmcmullen, @brainnipper, @captainbob, @kevinli, @myndnow and of course to all the people from @dtubedaily and @onelovedtube. You guys and girls rock!

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Brother!! It is really really really nice to see you again honestly. It really felt like something was missing without you man. But you know, these things happen man. Today, I had a downer as well, but let's not discuss it here...the main thing is that you are BACK!!!! And!! You have upped your game as well!! The intro was the BOMB!! :)

The family isn't whole without you man...know that <3

Winny out...for now ;)

Thank you very much for your kind words, Winny. They mean a lot to me. You’re right something was missing and I was missing all of this work and the community as well. I feels good to be back :)

It's definitely nice to take breaks and figure out where you are and where you want to go next. I'm really glad to have you back man!

Thanks man! I am so excited to see some of your content which I’ve been missing as well. I’ve always been a huge fan of your work :)

Thanks a lot Matthias! Check out the macro vid from like 10 days ago, it's pretty cool. I'm also working on some other cool stuff I hope to post soon.

Dude, welcome back! Loving the recharged energy!

Thanks man! The creation and editing on this video also felt much better than my last ones which were like "Okay let's get this done...". This was definitely the wrong way!

Oookayyy... this has made my eyes watering up, honestly!!

But why...? :O

Welcome back buddy. Love the intro and can feel a bit more excitement :) Great to have you creating again.

Thanks, Captain! It feels great to be back in the game although I already forgot so much about how my editing software works. Coming from Photoshop to Final Cut Pro was a disaster. The shortcuts are completely different^^

Love the outside so much. Love the intro as well ! Love everything hahaa

Thank you! Yeah, the colors outside were really beautiful. Unfortunately, the hayfever forced me to quit earlier as I wanted to.

I've been getting eaten alive by allergies! It's pollen that gets me though... Stupid spring! DX

Welcome back, boo. I wish you stopped by yellow flowers and chilled there

Nice to see you back Matthew. I enjoy your honest approach, and man, that intro was the bomb!

Why do you keep flagging my poooostsss????

Dear Matthew, can you maybe elaborate on why you downvoted my witness update ? I mean, you are of course free to use your voting power as you see fit but a little explanation might be in order ? Thanks in advance

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