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Hello DTube! I know it’s been a few days since I posted my last video and actually this video was supposed to be produced and uploaded on Thursday already.

But the problem was that we had a pretty cloudy day. So, I made my settings in the camera and hit the record button. Then the sun decided to come out and ruined my recordings. Everything was totally overexposed. Then it disappeared again and the image was extremely dark…
This procedure repeated a few times and when I finally had solid lighting my dog began barking and my concentration and patience was completely gone.

But anyway, I used the time to chill out a little bit and realized that there is still a life besides DTube.

Psychology behind colors

In today’s video I’m talking about the meanings, moods and emotions that we associate with the different types of colors.

There reason why I found this a very interesting topic is that we as content producers also work with thumbnails. And when it comes to making a decision on a specific color for my thumbnail font I haven’t thought a lot about it in the past.
The only priority I always set was not the use the same color that I already used on my previous video to keep things interesting.
But what I wanted to do from now on is to find some kind of system when it comes to choosing the right color for a topic. So, dependent on what I am talking about and what’s the mood in the video I want to choose a color which fits this mood.

Of course, this doesn’t only work for thumbnail fonts but also for the whole color grading in your thumbnail image or video. But as I haven’t been working a lot with color grading yet I left that topic aside. Maybe I will make a video about that in the future as well.

The color circle that I was reading from in the video can be found here:

What’s your opinion about that? Do you think a lot about colors when you’re producing your content? Do you maybe also have a system? Tell me about it!

If you enjoy my content and you don’t want to miss the next video make sure to follow. Don’t mind to upvote and resteem as well and what's most important…

…live your dream!

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I guess the meaning of colors vary depending on what kind of person is looking into it. Many person loves color red for example but even that's the case, they're still different from one another.

Yeah, red is especially an extremely variable color when it comes to emotions. Blood, fire and on the other side love and passion. I guess you're right when you say that it depends on the person and also on the context I guess. Actually your made me also think about how a color can even appear with different types of fonts...

Yellow there, my friend! You Blue me away with this video, I wasn't Reddy for it. Orange you glad I commented on this?

OMG! That comment already made my day, hahaha! Kevin, you are the master of puns out here :D

such mas. much ter. WOW

It's interesting how colours work on our subconscious. Thanks for sharing! I'm currently thinking about some colour contrast in my thumbnail, will definitely keep this in mind!

I actually like the modern and flat design of your thumbnails. But yeah, you could play around a little bit with colors. Why not? I guess some pastel colors could fit your thumbnails well...

Very hd video and a very colour ful

Actually, the colors in the encoded DTube file have been messed up a little bit. These were not the original colors which I edited :(

Matthew is baaaaaaack with another video! We used colour psychology every time we've built our businesses :) this is good stuff

Yeah, finally BACK again. It's been about time^^

Awesome video as always my friend. Will try to check in more often. Followed you to help keep tabs.

High quality and very useful video bro!! Thanks 🙏🏿

Yeah i actually should think more about that things... but i usually end up being super boring and go for the same lol

Thank you for the breakdown on this video 😁

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