DIY❤️How to MAKE your own TSHIRT DESING WITH DTUBE LOGO . (easy and cheap) art by @li-art 🎬❤️ exclusive Dtube❤️

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make your Tshirt design in a simple way !

hi steemers, today i would like to show you this tutorial, today i decided to start and make my own Tshirt design with DTUBE logo ,
it have a simple way , and you need to have acrylic colors and something to cover around your logoand other materials,,,,, if you want to learn it ,you can watch the video ,

i hope you find it helpful in your artworks it was fun
have a nice evening

Screenshot (310).png


see you next time!

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so COOL :D


thank you @makpic

very nice , creative ,resteemed


thank you so much :)

beautiful !


thank you very much

I used to use screenprinting a lot in my artwork, this is a fun simple way to do it.

Super! Great job!