My Last Minute Acting Job 🙃 | Vlog #205

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Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

Cool little story about how I got into a last minute acting job and a bit more on my acting career.

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #SteemOn

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Wouldn't have been that the perfect talk to add the answer to my question? ;-) guess my request came a bit late... have a good evening mate! Greetings from Barcelona


ahh must've missed it

I remember doing commercial shoots and film shoots as extra or small parts, It is always a lot of waiting, and then sharp quick acting when you are up. It is though super fun experience, and as you mentioned you meet other actors, where once I have met Adrian Paul, and he signed a card for me. It was amazing, cause before that i would see him in one of my favorite movies at that time, "Highlander"!

Band Fancy Banana for being late to work :P


haha nice one! Yet to watch that movie


It's Highlander 5 The Source. Probably the lowest budget film from all, as they chose it to film in Lithuania lol

You can even see how they "destroy" the TV tower haha