The Process Of Being “On” Can Be Difficult 😪 | Vlog #72

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Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

I wanted to highlight today that it’s okay to not have those crazy video ideas all the time. Being someone who constantly churns out videos, finding the energy to be “on” all the time can be daunting. It’s part of the reason I don’t always go for the comedy skits.

Please say hi! I'd love to meet everyone on here and talk about cryptos and life 👊

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #GoSteem

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Very true buddy. I’ve seen Youtubers, actors and business owners burn out because of the “on” challenge. Being yourself helps but doesn’t completely remove it. I normally just do something with Sam, build a block tower or something kid friendly. It my type of meditation :)
Your doing well mate, love your honest content


Cheers, Bud. Guess you're one of the best people to know about what to do to avoid the burn out.

Catch ya around!


Still learning bud ... still learning :)


haha, aren't we all

Crushing It was great!

Finished a review about it on Dtube a few weeks ago. And I love that you mentioned reading....That's how I get a ton of inspiration for blog posts and when I need a kick in the butt.

I hear you on the being 'on' all the time. It's rough at times to get pumped up. I find the inspiration in my personal library. Works like a charm for me :)


I saw haha, but i didn't want spoilers haha.
I enjoy watching videos more than reading but excited always for gary vee


Absolutely. Dude is a walking encyclopedia of social media knowledge LOL I've learned so much from watching his stuff and reading his books over the years. You'll enjoy his book a ton I'm sure.


I so can't wait!

You're an addict. I know the feeling. True talk


We are living D Life, right?

Good advice on Document over Create. Funny how that documenting process will often inspire a creative time as well. Good stuff mate. Keep it up.


Thanks, Cap. Always love your stuff. Catch ya

Great to hear that you're cafe writing again mate :)


Cheers bud, and I filmed those videos i wrote as well. #Productive

Yeah, not feeling motivated... you say it...


Document over create!

Indeed man, making videos is addictive :)


For sure, Gisi!